Now Nominating the Top 1,000 Interior Designers

The Top Interior Designers!
We’re nominating the Top Interior Designers & Furniture Retailers in every city for each of our City Publications. And, the top Furniture Brands will be working with us to nominate & choose the winners. The best Design Project Profiles, Retail Showrooms & Product Reviews will weigh heavily in those decisions. Please note that this is all editorial and you will not be charged!

Interior Designers

Interior Designers interested in participating will find everything they need to know below.

Furniture Brands

Furniture brands that would like to participate can get more information here: Go

Interior Designer Benefits!
This is the ultimate opportunity for you to earn high quality editorial coverage on the HomeMVP network, InteriorDesignMVP & our City Publications.

Featured Editorial for You

Each of your approved submissions is published on our network & may be featured on our City Publication in your hometown. You’ll compete on that publication to be the MVP for that city. The MVP’s from each city compete for the nationwide title.

More Clients for You

Top Designers or Retailers receive a featured profile on one of our City Publications. This would include your Project Profiles & Product Reviews. So, our readers will know to contact you to get that piece they love from our coverage of the brands.

How To Enter
Interior Designers can enter by submitting their designs, product reviews & other editorial content that displays their design expertise. You’re welcome to enter as many times as you can by submitting content for each Furniture Brand you use. Just make sure all photos and essays are of the highest quality. And of course, make sure you have permission to use the photos and include the photo credits if required. Each submission will be considered in choosing your firm for InteriorDesignMVP or store for FurnitureMVP Retailer.

Your Projects
The best way to vote for them is to show us how you have utilized their products in your design projects or retail showrooms. Include photos, a description of the project and why you chose them for that project.

Your Photos
If you have taken pictures of their showrooms, pick the products you love the most. Then send us the photos along with a description of why you love those products and how you might use them in your projects.

Your Words
Visit the Furniture Brands web sites & pick the products you love the most. Then, send us a link to those products along with a description of why you love those products and how you might use them in your projects.

Ready to Enter?
Let’s get started! Contact us using the form below. Entry is open to the top Interior Designers & Furniture Retailers. Please be assured that you retain all rights to your content & can request to have it removed any time. And again, you will not be charged for participating.

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